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Catalog #: 7042
Release Date: 06.12.07

01 Da Na Do
02 Come On Down
03 Red Is Green
04 It’s All for You
05 Inside-Out World
06 Luna
07 Chemical Romance
08 Antilove
09 Brainless Mind

X27 is the rhythmic dream of Rikkeh Suhtn and Carmen X, two musicians obsessed with mixing pure, potent dance rock with gunky pop, a sound well embraced by both the incredibly miserable and incredibly blissful masses. Dark and menacing yet delightful and heavenly, X27 produces an alluring sound that will have every hip shifting and every heart oozing with caramel-laced dreams. Carmen X’s vocals surround her bass with a sexy, delectable sting while Rikkeh Suhtn delivers his melodically encrusted roar and guitar. The boy-girl vocals complement one another along the same lines as Exene Cervenka and John Doe of eighties punk rock band X. X27’s sophomore album, Antilove, was recorded in Chicago by the ingenious Steve Albini (The Pixies, Big Black, Nirvana, Shellac). The album’s punchy opening track, “Da Na Do,” establishes the fact that a rambunctious dance party is about to go down, while “Antilove” is a tune so thickened with honest emotion the band felt it should take the appropriate position as title track, summing up the entire album’s feel. Both songs showcase and embrace two completely separate sides of the rock ‘n’ roll spectrum. “X27 plays hard, throbbing music with one intention: to shake the internal organs of humans.” — Agouti Music “This is what the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s would sound like if they were interested in seriously rocking the house instead of making the next fashion spread.” — Interpunk “The noisiest element that ever picked up an instrument.” — WNUR (Chicago) “Another Narnack trio (though an American one) that’s drenched in distortion while adding bad-natured luridness to its percussive roar. X27 features one member of the ’90s underground fixture Duotron, but more closely resembles gratifyingly savage Australian groups from the ’80s such as King Snake Roost and Feedtime.” — Time Out New York “Like Atari Teenage Riot meets Sonic Youth meets early Who.” — CMJ Bulletin